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Monday, January 21, 2008

Israel's genocide against the Palestinian people

Israel continues to engage in the illegal and immoral practice of collective punishment against the people of Gaza. Gaza today is a ghetto, possibly, the largest concentration camp in history, with over 1.4 million Palestinians denied free movement, medicine, food, and basic human needs.
Do your part to stop this war crime.

Genocide is illegal, even for Israel.


Dennis L. said...

The writer conveniently ignored the illegality of launching rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip into Israel. What nation would tolerate such attacks from across its borders? Perhaps the accusatory finger should be directed at Hezbollah and Hamas who do not seem to be particulary interested in the consequences on the Palestinan people of their aggression and policies.

Ray Boutros said...

Intersting. So it is OK for Israel to continue to send its soldiers across its borders to occupy the West Bank, Gaza, and parts of Lebanon, but it is not OK for those people to resist? Dennis, why don't you tell us how do you suggest for the Palestinians to do to end Israel's 42 year-old occupation. (keep in mind that for the first 20 years, they tried the non-military approach and it only led them to losing more land and rights)