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Friday, February 08, 2008

Orthodox Jewish Rabbis Call for end to Gaza siege

Photo caption from the source of those photos: www.nkusa.org
London, England - January 26, 2008
Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews demonstrated in protest against the Zionist atrocities in Gaza. (The copyrighted photos courtesy of International Photo Media(photos by Medyan Dairieh).

My comments:

Don't let the black beards confuse you. The protestors are not some Muslim "extremists". They are neither Palestinian nationalists. They are not your typical human rights activists neither, per se. They are righteous religious leaders. To be more specific, they are Orthodox Jewish Rabbis who wanted to make sure that no ignorant person wrongly blames Jews or Judaism for the Israeli genocidal crimes against Palestinians.

Thank you Rabbis. The message is loud and clear. Your message is inspiring and greatly appreciated.

Indeed, the message of co-existence, peace, compassion, justice, and tolerance is a breath of fresh air amidst a see of anger, inhumanity, war, and extremism that is sweeping our world.

Our world would be more peaceful and pleasant if all religious leaders, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, etc., stood for what is right and opposed injustice, like those brave rabbis did, regardless of who the victims or aggressors are.

The Othodox Rabbis are doing their part to end the siege on the Gaza Ghetto. Are we? Are you?

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