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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Don't allow yourself to be cheated

Who would allow themselves to be cheated or taken advantage of?

All of us, or at least many of us actually cheat ourselves.


The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:
"There are two bounties (blessings) that many people are cheated with: good health and free time." (Narrated by Imam Bukhari)

What a true and sad statement. Most of us take our good health and free time for granted . We forget that these two blessings are not going to last forever nor even for a long time. Thus we cheat ourselves by undervaluing their importance until we reach the day when even if we wanted to act, we would then lack the time and the strength to so. Throughout our life, we allow ourselves not to use our time and abilities to make a difference and accept to become irrelevant or marginal.

History and major positive change was always made by those who fully made use of their time and good health.

Shouldn’t we show gratefulness to Allah for those two bounties? And what’s better than using these blessings in the service of people and for ending injustice as a way to show this gratefulness?

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