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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Israel's Obsession with influencing our election

A shadowy front group for right-wing Israelis funded the distribution of 28 million copies of a anti-Muslim propaganda film called "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West" through an insert in 70 U.S. newspapers or by mail. The front group, the Clarion Fund, chose to spread fear and share their bigotry in swing states in what political analysts described as an attempt to sway American voters into voting for Senator John McCain.

This action led organizations such as CAIR and others to file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to investigate whether the Clarion Fund is using the contributions of foreign nationals in connection with a United States presidential election.

From coast to coast, newspaper editorials, scholars, and interfaith and civic leaders blasted the "Obsession" film as a piece of hate propaganda that aims to push for a larger global religious war (ironically, it is the same goal of Al-Qaeda terrorists), demonize Islam and Muslims, promote fear in order to influence our presidential election, and provide cover and justification for Israel's brutal and racist practices agaisnt Palestinians.

I strongly suggest that you learn more about "Obsession", the people behind it, and the rebuttal to the false claims it raises.

Visit this excellent website that was announced by CAIR:

The biggest question that remains is whether right-wing Israelis are going to be allowed to decide our next president for us? It is one thing for them to favor a candidate, but it is another thing for them to possibly spend 60 to 70 million dollars in foreign money trying to campaign for such a candidate in America.
This is not a partisan matter. I am certain that most Republicans will join Democrats in rejecting such an blatant and flagrant foreign undermining of our country's presidential election and national integrity, regardless who the intended beneficiary is.

obsessionwithhate.com: Learn the real story behind controversial Hate DVD

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