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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An arrogant Bush-style soldier winning the hearts and minds of Iraqis!

My apologies for the foul language.
No wonder we are so popular in the world!


Robin said...

This makes me sick Hussam. On average this foul-mouthed supposed representative of the US used the "F" word every 9.6 seconds for the duration of 5 min 36 seconds.

He did say one thing though that he didn't by a long shot realize the significance of, "I don't see your a-s in my hometown"

No you don't, because Iraq did not illegally invade and occupy our country. But we surely did this to them. Iraq is not responsible for the deaths of over one million Americans on OUR soil, but we are responsible for the deaths of over one million Iraqi's on THEIR soil.

Hussam Ayloush said...

The sad thing is that this soldier is taking his frustration with the war on the wrong people. The Iraqi people and our soldiers are both victims of this war; of course the Iraqis at a higher price. Both did not ask for this war, but rather were forced to deal with it on the premise of a deception and immoral manipulation by the Bush administration.