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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A MUST WATCH: Israeli animator creates short-film on Gaza blockade

An animator of the celebrated Israeli war film "Waltz with Bashir" has illustrated a new film depicting the life of a fictional boy in the Gaza Strip during the Israeli blockade of the coastal territory.

Yoni Goodman's short film "Closed Zone" runs only a minute and a half and was created for the NGO Gisha, a group devoted to freedom of movement.

A spokesman for Gisha said that "though the use of a single animated character, Goodman tries to cause the viewer to feel empathy for the people of Gaza and see them as they are - a million and a half people who only want to live out their ambitions and dreams, something they cannot do because of their ability to move freely."

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Anonymous said...

sweet,simple and very sad.
I will share it with many friends Jews and non-Jews.

ahmed said...

Very nice, representative, and creative

Jerce said...

I'm sorry for the people of Gaza, but they could put pressure on Hamas to stop the attacks on Israel. Neither side wins by trying to destroy each other. Each side must try to negotiate and compromise to create a solution that best works for both sides.

Hussam Ayloush said...


For too long, the supporters of Israel have blamed the victims, the Palestinians, for their plight.

Palestinians did not go to Europe to pick on Europeans Jews. It was European Jews who came to Palestine and turned the Palestinians into refugees in their own historic land and country.

Blaming Palestinians for their suffering is as outrageous as blaming Jews for the Holocaust.

Sorry, as much as I would also like to see those primitive rockets stop too, the fact is that Israel's brutality and genocidal practices against the Palestinians have been going on since before the rockets and even before Hamas came to existence. There are no rockets nor a Hamas government in the West Bank, yet Israel continues to build illegal settlements, assassinate Palestinians, imprison over 10,000 Palestinians, run over 600 humiliating and torturous checkpoints, build an apartheid wall across Palestinian lands and towns, confiscate Palestinian land, demolish Palestinian homes, etc.

Who is to blame there? Surely primitive rockets in Gaza have nothing to do with that.

It is the racist militarism called zionism.

It is simple, Israel needs to end its occupation and siege against Palestinian territories and allow Palestinian refugees to return to their homes.

Peace and mutual respect is possible in that region, but only when Israel ends its aggression.

Anne Vis said...

Thanks for posting this, Hussam, and totally agree with your text ...

Anonymous said...

In no way im justifying Israeli horrors in gaza.But to look at it in such a one sided way is a huge mistake.
As long as there will be no self checking with Palestinians - there will be no peace for them/
History check for you - Palestinians nation is a hoax made by Israel
"check yourself before you wreck yourself"