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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Email Urges Boycott of USPS Muslim Eid Stamp

The "Eid Stamp" Islamophobic e-mail seems to be back in circulation. I guess the bigotry business must be slow these days.

The e-mail applies typical bigotry language by listing terrorism incidents (that are clearly condemned by Islam and Muslims) in order to generalize about and demonize the whole religion of Islam and its 1.3 billion followers.

The same exact type of list of incidents could be prepared about any ethnic or religious group. Just think of any group and their negative stereotype.

The e-mail implies that we as Americans should not allow a stamp recognizng Eid because that would be "a slap in the face." Shall we also reject the Christmas stamps due to Hitler's crimes or the abortion clinics bombers? What an absurd logic.

The only true conclusion from this e-mail is that it is bigoted.


Read the Urban Legend website that shows and responds to this hateful email. It has valuable information.

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