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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Did you miss the recent irony in the Israel-Palestine conflict?

The good irony of our time. I think there is a good lesson for us to learn.

A former Jewish South African judge, Richard Goldstone (described by his daughter as a“Zionist” who “loves Israel”), conducts a UN fact-finding investigation into Israel's attack on Gaza and concludes Israel is guilty of war crimes. (over 1,400 Palestinians were killed, overwhelmingly civilians, including whole families)

A Muslim Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, later asks the United Nations Human Right Council not to vote on the findings of the Goldstone report; hence, shielding Israel and its leaders from facing war crimes charges.

The number one lesson is that this conflict is not about religion.
The conflict is about ending Israel's illegal occupation and immoral apartheid practices. It is about justice for the Palestinians.

As a matter of fact, Jews (many brave Jews), Christians, and Muslims continue to work together to end this conflict and bring justice and peace to all the people of that region.

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Anonymous said...

These leaders, their actions are not important anymore they are so small and trivial compared to any child that endured Gaza’s massacre. Those children will rewrite Palestine’s history, not them, not us (hopefully we can help) and they have already started.