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Monday, November 16, 2009

We All Must Condemn Religious Extremists - By Sheila Musaji

Muslims Must Condemn Religious Extremists

Muslims Must Condemn Religious Extremists

by Sheila Musaji

I am reading and hearing in the media a barrage of articles and editorials demanding that Muslims take a stand against those who condone or commit acts of violence. I would like to go on record as condemning all religious extremism, bigotry, violence, hatred, and terrorism by both Muslims and non-Muslims. I see no difference between any of these. These merchants of hate no matter what their supposed religious affiliation have more in common with each other than they do with the majority of individuals in their respective religious faiths...


Anonymous said...

But...do you condemn the actions of Hamas as well?

Hussam Ayloush said...

If you have taken the time to search through or read my blog you would have found the answer to your question.

I unequivocally condemn and reject all forms of harming non combatants, whether it is done by Israel, HAMAS, repressive dictators, or even our own CIA or immoral war policies, whether the victims are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, American, or foreigner.

This zero tolerance for terrorism and indiscriminate violence is based on the Islamic teachings and values which I abide by. Those teachings state that the killing of one innocent person is equivalent to the murdering of all of mankind and that every person is a dependent of God who deserves to be protected and whose dignity and rights are to be respected.

I hope that clarifies my stance.

What is yours, Mr./Ms. Anonymous?