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Friday, November 05, 2010

I stand by my Iraqi Christian brothers and sisters. All Muslims do too.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "A believer is one from whom the people's blood and wealth are safe."

He also said:  "One who cannot be trusted and felt secured with, has no faith"

He also said: "One is not a true believer until he (or she) loves for his brethren (human brethren) what he (or she) loves for himself (or herself).

How can anyone who claims to have faith target innocent worshipers in mosques and churches?

Al-Qaeda-affiliated groups have taken responsibility for today's murderous attack on a mosque in Pakistan and Sunday's attack on a church in Iraq. Both attacks killed dozens of innocent people.  Both attacks and all previous Al-Qaeda attacks are sickening.  There is no place in our world for such vicious and bloody ideology that justifies such heinous behavior.  Such behavior contradicts the most basic Islamic teachings and human decency.

Moreover, I am extremely disgusted by Al-Qaeda criminals issuing an ultimatum and threat to Iraqi Christians.

Those Al-Qaeda fanatics and idiots must have forgotten that those Iraqi Christians have been in Iraq much longer before we Muslims arrived to Iraq and for the most part, Muslims and Christians have lived as good brothers, sisters and neighbors to one another, until the Al-Qaeda fanatics showed up.  Al-Qaeda should pack up and go back to their caves and let Iraqis live in peace.

I, as a Muslim, have much more in common with those innocent Iraqi Christians than what I will ever have with Al-Qaeda terrorists who claim to be Muslim.
(My disgust with Al-Qaeda does not clear our political leaders (ie Bush, Cheney and the neo-con gang) from their moral and legal responsibility for destroying Iraq and creating the vacuum that invited and attracted the filth of Al-Qaeda. However, that is another story for another day)

I stand by my Iraqi Christian brothers and sisters. All Muslims do too.


CAIR statement on this issue

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 11/5/10) -- The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has condemned a recent threat against Iraq's Christian community and a deadly attack in which dozens of Iraqi Christians were killed in a Baghdad church on Sunday.

The group claiming responsibility for the attack, an umbrella group that includes al-Qaeda in Iraq, reportedly threatened "all Christian centers, organizations and institutions, leaders and followers" in an online statement.

SEE: Al-Qaeda group threatens Iraqi Christians

In a statement, CAIR said:
"We condemn this attack on a house of worship in the strongest possible terms and repudiate the groups that perpetrate such heinous crimes. The Christian community has a long and honored tradition in Iraq and throughout the Middle East. The lives and religious rights of members of that community must be protected. Threatening people, especially basing such threats on their religion, is immoral and contrary to Islamic principles and teachings about people of other faith traditions. The Prophet Muhammad said: 'A believer is one from whom the people's blood and wealth are safe.'"


Anonymous said...

As an Iraqi American, I welcome your gesture to stand by your Iraqi Christian brothers. There still are many open security slots in churches all over Iraq for volunteers who are well trained on AK-47. Your Palestinian accent also will be a tremendous help when negotiating with these terrorists. You can pick and choose your preference for location and shift once you are in Iraq. To save yourself some money just get a one way ticket for now. It is very important that you send us some pictures proving that you were at Baghdad International Airport. If you decide to leave the airport, do your comrades a favorite; fill up this vacuum created by Bush by visiting, consoling and laying a wreath on the tomb of your role model in Tikrit.

Hussam Ayloush said...

I have a better idea, mr. "Anonymous". Since you seem to share the same type of hatred as Al-Qaeda, I suggest that you and Al-Qaeda guys get together in some desert and fight one another and leave the rest of us alone. We are kind of sick and tired of your type.

Nooreen said...

Thank you for your statement on this. I wish it could go without saying, but it's better to say it and make sure there is no doubt in people's minds.

War is war, not an expression of religion. The actions of criminals will never represent the religion they claim to follow, regardless of who the criminals are or which religion they claim.

Ammar said...

Iraqis, Muslims and Christians alike, always respected each other. We were all Iraqis. This only changed after George Bush sent American troops and promoted religious divisions in the country to help keep the occupation. We never heard of AlQaida before and we never had to deal with their fanatics views until after the invasion.

Thank you Mr. Hussa Ayloush for your message. I pray that Iraq one day returns to peace.