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Monday, February 21, 2011

Time to dismantle and re-build this failed project called Arab League (and the UN too, since we are at it)

The Arab League project has completely failed. It has to be announced dead.

The League should be dismantled and then reorganized on the basis of protecting democratic and human rights values. Since its inception, it has contributed to Arab division, failed to develop Arab societies (educationally, economically, or politically), and manged to become completely discredited and irrelevant to Arab people.

The League has failed to protect the Palestinians from decades-long Israeli occupation, aggression and brutality. It has failed to protect the Arab people from the repression of Arab leaders. It has failed to prevent the illegal and immoral US/Bush invasion of Iraq.

The League has only succeeded in protecting Arab dictators and their repressive regimes. The only successful conferences and meetings that the League conducted were the ones in which its member states' interior ministers met to coordinate efforts to suppress freedoms and democracy and exchange creative ideas on human rights violations and torture against dissenters. Other empty press releases and statements, conferences and meetings were mostly ignored by Arab masses. Some Arabs continued to watch such meetings for entertainment/comedy value such as Gaddafi's typical fashion show or usual spat between dictators on who to speak first or who cares for Palestine more.

Similarly, the UN should be dismantled and re-organized on a more democratic and equal basis now that its failure is clear too. For God's sake, why should France be a permanent member of the Security Council and not Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Nigeria, India, Pakistan or Germany. Why isn't a single African or Latin American country a permanent member of the Security Council? Are certain countries more equal than others? Real peace, justice and democracy in the world require that every country be an equal player and that the UN be free from the favoritism and self-serving politics played by rich and powerful countries at the expense of the rest of the world.

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