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Sunday, January 13, 2013

20 important lessons I learned through my activism for social justice

20 important lessons I learned through my activism for social justice, in no specific order.

1)  You are not alone in caring for social justice. Many others care too and are just waiting to be connected.

2) Never assume you can succeed alone. Learn to collaborate and partner with others.

3) No one religion has an exclusive monopoly on good values. There are many good people in every religion and community.

4) Charge your spirituality to prevent burning out. Unless you are charged, you cannot help charge others.

5) Pray to change your opponents more than to defeat them.

6) But also pray that evil be defeated if it is not going to be changed, before it causes more harm

7) Be patient. Change is a process, a long process often opposed by many challengers and haters.

8) Never become the immoral and unjust people you are opposing. They are not your role model.

9) Have faith that justice and truth will certainly prevail. They always do, with God’s help.

10) Know your potential and limitations

11) Keep a balanced life: God, you, family, friends, work, and activism

12) Be around positive, humble and pleasant people with integrity. They are contagious.

13) Stay away from negative, arrogant, unpleasant and unethical people. They are contagious too.

14) Seek advice. Appreciate sincere criticism. Be open to correcting yourself.

15) Plan your day, plan your goals, and plan your destiny. God will help you.

16) Seek excellence in all that you do and say.

17) Renew your pure and sincere intentions. Remember whom you are trying to please.

18) Remember, you can’t be an expert in everything. Find talented people and work with them.

19) Treat others the way you wish to be treated.

20) Frequently, ask yourself: what have I done during my life? What was the positive change I helped bring?

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Suzanne Meriden said...

Great Points!