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Thursday, February 05, 2015

My comment on ISIS' latest barbarism: the burning of the Jordanian pilot to death

ISIS violated Islam’s teachings in more ways than one when it burned the Jordanian pilot to death. Based on the Qur’an, the Hadith (the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad), and the consensus of past and present day scholars, it is indisputably forbidden to burn, torture, or mutilate human beings or their bodies, even during wartime. Prophet Muhammad is quoted as saying that immolating is forbidden and that God alone has the authority to punish by fire in the afterlife.

Additionally, assuming that ISIS considered the Jordanian pilot to be a prisoner of war, Islam has very strict rules against even mistreating prisoners of war, let alone killing them. Islam mandates that even convicted murderers or rapists who are sentenced to death must be protected from abuse and from cruel methods of execution.

Most importantly, this is not the only instance that clearly shows that ISIS has a complete disregard for Islam’s teachings and for human life. ISIS has proven without any doubt that it is not an Islamic organization. It is a murderous terrorist cult who ideology and actions are so contradictory to Islam that it should not be even viewed through the prism of Islam. Muslims around the world have strongly rejected and condemned ISIS's barbaric actions.

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Anonymous said...

ISIS has beheaded, burnt, tortured and raped women without any regard for human life. We need not negotiate with terrorist, we need to hunt these ruthless bastards down and terminate them before they strike on American soil. I am not normally one who waves the saber. I believe in peaceful resolution to conflict if at all possible. But not with ISIS. It has been more than enough time to take decisive, direct, deadly and determined action. Take action this very day and every day until the threat is terminated. If these radicals have no fear of dying for their cause, then give them what they want. Serve it to them on a silver platter. Waiting for a leadership change may be too late. Do we really want the children of this generation to have to look over their shoulders? I think we would rather have our children look to the future. This is not as complicated as leadership makes it out to be. Step 1: Bomb Them, Step 2: Boots on ground and Kill them. 3: Those US citizens or others within the US who commit treason shall be executed. 4: Anyone who houses or aids in the support of terror is an enemy to the US and shall be dealt with as such. 5: Establish a standing Army in the attacking country until peace prevails. – Fred Rouse, Antioch, CA. USA