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Thursday, December 15, 2016

How can you help the people of Syria? 

Many friends and activists are asking me how they can help the people of Syria and help end the bloodshed in Syria?

Certainly your prayers are helpful, but not enough. Actions are also needed.
Certainly, with millions of refugees and displaced Syrians, humanitarian assistance is greatly needed, but also not enough and serves only as a short term solution, a band-aid to a serious tragedy. We must not allow ourselves to merely play the role of an ambulance crew or a food bank while the root cause of that tragedy goes unchallenged and ignored.

You can help in a long term and real strategic way by supporting advocacy work for a free Syria. Help raise awareness about the struggle for freedom and democracy in Syria in a way that informs and mobilizes the public opinion. Only when the public cares about the injustice and genocide in Syria that our elected officials and government would start taking action to support the Syrian people's rightful struggle for freedom and justice. Until we do that, we will find ourselves spending hundreds of millions of dollars on medical and humanitarian relief with no end in sight. Sadly, we might run out of money before Assad, Iran, or Russia run out of missiles, barrel bombs, chemical weapons, or bullets to murder Syrians.

I urge you to support the Syrian American Council's effort to engage US media, fellow Americans, elected officials, and activists to help advance freedom, justice, democracy, and human rights for all in Syria.

Support SAC-LA through a one time or a monthly donation. Your support can make a big difference. I personally vouch for their great work.

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SAC is the largest Syrian American advocacy organization supporting democracy, freedom, and human rights in Syria. SAC is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations to SAC are tax-deductible.

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