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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Why do some people insist on spreading hatred?

In response to a recent article that I forwarded to my list, one person responded by forwarding to me an article by a hardcore pro-Israel propagandist, Jeff Jacoby, in which he decries the silence of Muslims regarding the violent reaction to the Pope's comments.

I replied that this would have been a good article, only if it was true and factual.
Almost every Muslim scholar and leader decried the use of violence or threat in responding to the Pope's unfortunate and unwise comments. The killers of the nun in Somalia were arrested and will be punished, hopefully soon. Read my earlier comments on this issue:

Muslims also are collecting money to rebuild the 3 vandalized churches.

The question is do we want to see the truth or do we just want to spread false information in order to advance an agenda of division and hatred at all cost?
It seems that some, on all sides, are just eager to see our world blanketed by hatred, division and violence. I ask myself why?

The Al-Qaeda-type want to recruit more naive Muslims into their bloody and unholy war.
The Pat Robertson-type want to speed up Armageddon and the second coming of Christ.
The Jeff Jacoby-type and all other pro-Israel propagandists want to demonize Muslims in order to justify Israel's illegal and inhumane policies against Palestinians.

I refuse to let such people or groups drive us into the abyss. We all need to promote dialogue, mutual respect and understanding. We all need to speak out against extremism, bigotry, and injustice.


David Campbell said...

The hatred you mention, while again blaming Christians, are more effectively laid at the doorstep of Islamic radicals who carry out the murders, and mass demonstrations of hatred - so clearly revealed in their faces. No wonder Islamophobia exists. When a German Opera has to be canceled from fear of more Muslims rising up, burning cars, buildings, issuing threats of murder, then terrorism wins. Islamic terrorism. Some day, you may understand why the West objects to such terrorism. Clearly, that day has yet to arrive.

David Campbell said...

"Comment momderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author." Another form of Muslim censorship.