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Friday, October 13, 2006

It is humbling to be popular

At a recent press conference, a reporter jokingly asked me how I felt now that there is a group called CAIR Watch. I replied that I felt privileged.

I am not sure that our organization is worthy of such attention, but I guess fringe right-wing groups think otherwise (or may be they are running out of people to hate). So I decided to find out what this group is "watching". It turned out that the website is a compilation of news items from the CAIR email messages in which CAIR is mentioned (I guess that such mention annoys them big time) and the posting of false accusations against CAIR and its members.

I will not waste time responding to this childish website since anyone can visit CAIR's website and learn about its mission, work and what respected leaders say about it.

One item that amused me most was a posting by a weirdo (he seems more like deranged, if you ask for my opinion) called Airhead, I mean Whitehead, in which he laments the fact that I was invited to the FBI's Citizens Academy. He read about it on my blog and lost his marbles over it (actually I am not sure if this was caused earlier in his childhood due to being dropped on his head). I have to admit that I felt really humbled to be that popular. It is not always that one gets to upset bigots. Don't get me wrong, I know bigots are usually upset by default, but this time, Whitehead must have lost some sleep over this.

For that, I am very honored and humbled. Thank you Mr. Airhead.

Meanwhile, I advise you to get a life and spend less time hating others. It is more fun to be at peace with yourself and with others.


Ahmed Bedier said...

CAIR Watch is hardly a group or organization, It's a one man blogger show. The blogger is Joe Kaufman a known anti-Muslim radical who has praised the terrorist organization Kahane. This year the organization Americans United (Florida branch) awarded Kaufman the Onion Award, watch video here: http://www.archive.org/download/JoeKaufman_Onion_Award/2006auOnionKaufman.wmv

Because Kaufman has been found to be NOT credible Not a single mainstream news outlet would touch him, esp. in Florida.

john killebrew said...

80% of all muslims,lend financial,moral,or infrastructure support to terrorist's.muslims have lifted deception to an art form.i've yet to hear any of you denounce terrorism or terrorist's.you worship "allah"the name of the ancient arabic "moon god"you spread your faith by the sword.your goal is imposing your beliefs on the world.you are my enemy.

Don R said...

CAIR is simply a collection of terrorist supporters who don't deserve the freedoms they are allowed in this country. Of course the owner of this blog won't have the guts to allow this to be posted, since Muslims don't seem to like criticism.

Anonymous said...

You're a bunch of pedophile-worshipping Muslim terrorists. Oops, I'm sorry---that's a redundancy. It's enough to say Mohamedans. The mass deportation of the entire Islamic fifth column from the West is only a matter of time. Enjoy our hospitality while it lasts, Mohamedans, because if the civilized Germans were capable of perpetrating a genocide against millions of innocent and helpless Jews, Slavs and gypsies, you can be sure that the same Europeans will arrange the same genocide for millions of Muslims who burn cars, attack individuals in broad daylight and rape women. THEN you will learn what TRUE "Islamophobia" really is.

Curse the umma.