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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Speaking of Fascism, a less criticized one!

While some in our country like to talk about "Islamofascism", they remain silent over another radical phenomenon. Watch this video and see for yourself. And no, this was not taken at some Al-Qaeda training camp for children!


It is clear that extremism comes in all shapes and colors. As a Muslim, I do not hold Christians nor Christianity responsible for such radicalism. Extremism is an unfortunate human phenomenon that strikes all religions and ideologies. Most Christians, Jews, Muslims, and indeed most people, are good, fair, and peace-loving. Unfortunately, it is the small exception that tends to get the attention.

All people of faiths who believe in human dignity and mutual respect should work together to isolate all forms of extremism and its root causes.

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Asma said...

This is pretty scary...