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Friday, November 17, 2006

The culture of violence

The recent incident in which a UCLA student was stunned with a Taser raised by campus police officers many questions, but mainly highlighted the growing culture of violence that is creeping into our societies. The constant images of violence on TV and in videogames have desensitized many people to the reality of human pain and suffering. This explains why so many people are indifferent to wars and their destruction.

Watch video of the UCLA incident. It is very disturbing.

United Press International, 11/17/06

A U.S. Muslim organization has called for a probe into the shooting of a UCLA student with tasers.

The Southern California office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR-LA, issued a plea Thursday for an independent investigation of the incident Tuesday when Mostafa Tabatabainjead, a UCLA student, was shot repeatedly with taser stun gun shocks by campus police. The entire incident was captured on video.

CAIR-LA said UCLA students had "expressed their concern" to it about possible civil rights violations by police officers in the affair.

CAIR-LA said Tabatabainejad was asked to leave a computer lab after he failed to produce a student ID during a random check. While Tabatabainejad was being shot, he told the officers firing the tasers that he had a medical condition.

In a statement, CAIR-LA Executive Director Hussam Ayloush said: ""It is hard to see the justification for repeatedly using pain-inducing weapons on a person who was apparently not a threat to any officer or student."

"We call on state and national authorities, including the FBI, to launch an independent investigation of this disturbing incident," Ayloush said. "Given the circumstances involved, only an outside, independent probe will ensure that the civil rights aspects of this case are being taken seriously and will be addressed in an impartial manner." (MORE)


Stuart Silverstein, Los Angeles Times, 11/17/06

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Anonymous said...

This is a classic case of a set up to get publicity for the Mullah’s through thier agents, NIAC being one of them, watch other puppet organizations on Mulla’s payroll like IABA, NIPOC and IMAN to follow . I wouldnt be surprised if IAPAC , folks like Amirahmadi, Titra Parsi, Houghoghi and Babaie to jump on board. This is as free of advertising as it comes.

The campus police was wrong but they were lured into this by a very carefully planned conspiracy. Watch the details get investigated over the next few weeks. How come there was only one student recording? How come the recording did not start from the begining of the incident? Did you hear the student swear at the police? tell them fuck your patriot act? How come his attorney is a 2 time disbarred attorney who was the only attorney trown out of the Federal Court?
Things are never what they seem.