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Thursday, November 09, 2006

While the world was busy watching US Elections, Israel was busy doing something else!

On election day, while the whole world was busy watching our election, Israel continued its onslaught on Palestinians, killing 18 civilians, mostly women and children. This is only a few months after Israel has ended one of our recent history's most brutal bombing campaign on Lebanon, killing over 1,200 Lebanese civilians, mostly women and children.

Of course, our U.S. media will not bother do major reporting on Israel's immoral collective punishment campaign since the victims are only Arabs or Muslims.

Peace will not be achieved if Israel continues to illegally occupy Palestinian territories, deny Palestinian refugees the legal right to return to their country, and continue to kill innocent Palestinian and Lebanese people. The sad fact is that this tragedy is partly financed through our tax dollars sent to Israel in forms of military and economic aid. As Americans, as human beings, we have a moral duty to stop Israel's terrorism.

Here is a BBC news report on the massacre.

"...Raed Ibrahim tells me that all the dead came from the same branch of the same family.

"I am angry. I hate the US, I hate George W Bush, I hate of course Israel. I also hate the Arab states which do nothing to help and the international community," said Raed.

But it was not anger in his eyes, it was more like an immense sadness that showed through..."

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