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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Eventually, the truth prevails

An update on my car adventure.

I got a call from the shop to inform me that my car was found a few blocks away from their shop. It seems that the thieves realized that the car is not as good as it appears and decided to leave it.

The body was intact, but the inside of the car was completely damaged. The car is now being repaired, again. Hey, I am getting a new radio and CD player as well as speakers in lieu of the stolen ones (The stolen ones were lousy). May be now I can listen to the new Quran CDs that I received last year.

Anyway, the lesson is that new paint might have fooled someone into believing that the car is some fancy car, but a quick driving test exposed the truth about the car's condition.

The bigger lesson, which I hope you got by now, is that we often judge others based on what we see on the outside, their looks, their social status, their race, their claimed religion, etc.; however, it is only after we get to know them and interact with them at close that we can discover their true character.

If people try hard to look deeper than the surface, they will see the truth. Eventually, the tuth prevails, but it often needs our help to break out.

As Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) prayed, I pray that God/Allah show us the truth as clear truth and give us the strength and courage to follow it. And to show us falsehood as clear falsehood and give us the strength and courage to avoid it.


Anonymous said...

Something better for worse. If the car wasn't stolen, the stereo system would never have been renovated. Allah did it for a good reason.

Steven Estrada said...

Hello Hussam

Sorry to hear about your car troubles. I guess when it's all done and you will have a greatly improved car. There is a silver lining to your dilema.

I like your use of this event and making the point about not judging things by their surface. I just wrote a post to my blog about stereotypes. We are in similar territory my friend.


Edgar Hopida said...

As Salamu Alaykum

With all that has happened to your vehicle, this begs several fiqh questions:

1) where was the car found? If the car was found by for example, Tony Roma's Famous BBQ Rib restaurant. Then in order for your car to be free of najasa (physical filth) you would need to hose down your vehicle inside and outside of your car to make sure none of the pork or its bbq sauce is left.

2) What CD was in your car when it got stolen?
If the latest Sami Yusuf album was in there then I applaud the thieves because I always hear his songs while being put on hold when talking to Sister Anbar on the phone. I don't feel like being sensitive and crying.

I await your deep insights into Islamic Jurisprudence on this matter! :) I'm still preparing a fatwa for your previous question on my blog :)