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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who is scaring Americans and why?

The homeland security business is an over $200 billion profitable industry. That's quite tempting.

A recent report published by Americas Program Policy Report details the who is who behind this new industry and the shady role some former Bush administration officials are playing in it. The report, prepared by is linked at the bottom of this message.

Here is how this business works, in simple steps:

1. With the help of government officials or agencies, create or find an enemy, e.g. Al-Qaida terrorists or Saddam

2. Exaggerate the enemy's threat and promote deceptive claims; e.g. Saddam has WMD that can destroy America. The few hundred Al-Qaida terrorists are a threat to the world's democracies and especially to the world's most powerful nation (that's us)...

3. Demonize and dehumanize anyone that can be labeled as enemy; e.g. portray every Muslim or Islam as a threat and advance Islamophobia. Now the threat is no longer just a few hundred barefooted cave hiding radicals; it is 1.5 billion Muslims. That's scary.

4. Promote policies of paranoia and fear that lead to the justification of illegal practices; e.g. PATRIOT ACT, airport no-fly list, NSEERS, illegal detentions and torture (Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, and Bagram), illegal surveillance and monitoring, invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan, ...

5. Convince (or collaborate with) government, law enforcement agencies, media and the private section to pay for the "speakers", "experts", "consultants", "programs", "trainings and seminars", "equipments" (such as at airports), mercenaries (such as Blackwater), weapons, services (such as Halliburton), construction of what we destroy in wars (such as Parsons, KBR, ...), informants, and others who will supposedly keep America safe.

6. In order for all those parasites to justify and keep their profitable jobs and benefits, they need to keep the cycle running. Therefore, the cycle returns with step 1, with a few degrees increase in intensity. (That's why those same crooks (e.g. Cheney) are accusing Obama of making America unsafe for refusing to be part of this fear mongering cycle. It is not America that the President is making unsafe, it is the job security of the false "National Security" industry that is being shaken and made unsafe.

To read the full report, click below:

Former Bush Security Chiefs Find Terrorism Obsession Can Be Profitable

By Tom Barry | August 25, 2009

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