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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why Zionism will fail. (For the sake of innocent children, let's hope it is sooner than later)

Why Zionism will fail.

Because no occupation, no matter how brutal or racist it might be, can ever defeat the will and desire of children to live free on their own land.

No form of racism, including Zionism, can justify or deny a child -- Muslim, Jewish, Christian or other -- his or her God-given right to live with dignity and security.

In the name of Zionism, Israel continues to violate the basic human rights of Palestinian children, subjecting them to torture, brutality, detention, starvation (in Gaza), humiliation, psychological and physical terror, denial of medical care, and occupation.

Israeli and Palestinian children deserve to live in peace.

Israel must stop waging wars, occupying other people's land, and committing war crimes while using our hard-earned free American tax money.

For once, Israel should take responsibility for its own immoral acts and stop damaging our credibility, making more enemies for us, and endangering our national security. America deserves better allies than this.

In peace, with justice.

(I intentionally chose not to post any images of killed or wounded children. There are many, but think we all are aware of such tragic images. P.S. My favorite photo is the last one.)

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Haithem said...

When I was blessed with the chance to visit these people in Gaza (alhamdulilah) this past summer, it was a lot different than I ever imagined. Even though they are going through so much (things that we as residents of southern california will never comprehend) subhanAllah, the morale and hope they have is incredible. When we would ask them what it was that we could do to help, they said to lift the siege. A few days later when (with the blessing of Allah [swt]) we were able to do so, we asked again what it was we could do to help them...they replied with smiles saying that they know Allah (swt) will take care of them because he is the most just. Though they are in extreme times of despair, their trust with Allah (swt) only increases where as unfortunately for us (I speak for myself first) ours drops the second we are faced with a "hardship." May Allah (swt) grant them ease from this oppression and freedom from this injustice, whether they are Muslim, Christian, Atheist, or any other religion/lack there of. Ameen.