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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How different nations act before a presidential election

- In the US: Americans are anxious to know if a Democrat or a Republican will win.(or if Obama is really Muslim!)

- In old Egypt: Egyptians are anxious to know if Hosni Mubarak or his son Jamal will be the next president

- In new Egypt: Egyptians judge the candidate by the length of his beard

- In Syria: Syrians are anxious to know if Bashar Assad will win by 97% support or 99% (like his father)

- In Lebanon: Lebanese are anxious what suit style and color the winner will wear and if the president's wife can speak French and if she is cute or not.

- In most other Arab countries: citizens are asking each other: what's a presidential election?

- In Pakistan: Pakistanis are anxious to know which of the candidates will survive assassination or prison so they can vote for him or her

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