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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Video: CAIR 'Muslim Day' at Calif. Capitol Promotes Civic Engagement

Members of the California Muslim community are taking part in the 1st annual "Muslim Day at the Capitol" in Sacramento. This first-of-its-kind event seeks to promote community engagement in local politics and to discuss issues of interest to the Muslim community with legislators.


Press TV, May 8, 2012
Muslims have gathered from across the state to take part in the first-ever Muslim Day at the Capitol.

The day is meant to engage Muslim voters on a state and federal level.

A report released by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding shows that Muslim voters could play a decisive role in swing states in the presidential election this November.

It follows the launch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations 2012 "Muslims Vote" campaign, which encourages American Muslims to increase their presence in politics and elections.

Zahra Billoo Is the executive director for CAIR San Francisco.

Billoo says the day at the capitol is modeled after the work of a number of other minority communities

The day gives Muslims the chance to make a personal connection to their legislators.

CAIR officials say this connection is important because some people are attempting to diminish the role that Muslims play in American politics.

Hussam Ayloush is the executive director for CAIR Los Angeles.

Ayloush says the day will give Muslims the tools they need to have their say in the political process.

CAIR offices are holding similar events in state capitols across America.

They're hopeful that the outreach efforts will result in a more involved and influential voting population.

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