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Saturday, June 13, 2009

CAIR Director Discusses Double Standard on Terrorism (CNN)

Is there a double standard in the way we deal with terrorism?
Is an act described as terrorism based on the religion of the perpetrator rather than the act itself?

A must watch!

Rick Sanchez is smart.


Anonymous said...

I am shocked at what Ben Ferguson said and that Rick Sanchez let him get away with it.

Ferguson gave several examples of domestic terrorists (although he does not call them terrorists) but then said we should treat them "totally different than the way you treat people who come from the Middle East and the people at Guantanamo Bay..."

Then he said about Scott Roeder (who killed Dr. Tiller): "Should he be monitored the way we monitor...possible terrorists? Heavens no!" Maybe Mr. Ferguson's bigotry and fear keeps him from seeing that Scott Roeder IS a terrorist because of his actions.

I do appreciate Sanchez cutting Ferguson off to make the point about the difference between "terrorists" and "suspected terrorists."

Anonymous said...

I thought Mr. Awad of CAIR had a good final word when he said we should either use the term "terrorist" equally or not at all because its use has become a political weapon.

Sadly, that is absolutely true (as Mr. Ferguson's illogical arguments made evident).