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Friday, June 05, 2009

Cops: Mosque Graffiti May Be Hate Crime

Thursday, 04 Jun 2009, 8:18 PM

Cypress (myFOXla.com) - Graffiti laced with threats and expletives found spray-painted Thursday on a wall on the Islamic Center of Cypress is being investigated as a hate crime, police said.

The vandalism was discovered about 4 a.m. on the mosque at 5900 Ball Road by an officer on routine patrol, said Sgt. Tom Bruce of the Cypress Police Department.

The paint was still wet when the officer discovered the vandalism, which stood out starkly against the white walls of the center and on a wooden door.

Police would not say what the message was, other than to say it included expletives "and specifics that lead us to believe it is a hate crime," Bruce said.

But in a statement released this afternoon, officials at the Council on American-Islamic Relations said the writing included, "(expletive) you," "we're going to kill you," and "US Military is going to kill you all."

According to the statement, the writing was several feet high across a wall of 20 to 30 feet.

CAIR Executive Director Hussam Ayloush said the vandalism, which has been reported to the FBI, underscored the message delivered in Cairo by President Obama about an hour before the building was spray-painted.

"This apparent hate crime points to the need to challenge the destructive phenomenon of anti-Muslim stereotypes in our society that President Obama warned us about in his speech today in Cairo," Ayloush said.

Graffiti removal crews had gotten rid of all the markings by about 8 a.m.

Bruce said no evidence was left behind. Representatives of the mosque told police that there had not been any similar incidents. Bruce said the mosque has been at the location for many years.

Shakeel Syed, of the Islamic Shura Council, told reporters that "this person obviously harbors a great deal of hate, against Muslims, against Americans, against soldiers..."

In light of the timing of the vandalism, Bruce, referring to the president's speech, said, "One could assume the timing is more than a coincidence."


Haim said...

I am sickened by the desecration of the mosque by graffiti or any other means. Please know of my deep concern. I hope that when the perpetrators are found that they will be given the opportunity to repent by painting and restoring the building but also, that they will take the opportunity to sit and study with Muslim teachers. Hopefully they will then shed their hate and their ignorance.
Rabbi Haim Dov Beliak

Phil T said...

Graffiti on Mosque makes me satisfied to see that other people are against your religion that breeds hate. We all know that Islam is the most racist religion on the planet. I hope all you muslims see the light and convert soon. PEACE.

Hussam Ayloush said...

Thank you Phil for demonstrating how your personal values breed love and tolerance, as opposed to Islam, as you claim.

If you are looking for those who breed hate, I suggest you start looking in the mirror.

Remind me, you want Muslims to convert to your type of belief??