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Saturday, June 06, 2009

It seems Obama is not very popular in Israel! (Apologies for the bigoted and foul language)

(My apologies for the foul language)

While so many Muslims, Christians, and Jews around the world celebrated President Obama's message of peace, tolerance, and mutual respect, many young Israelis (and some Americans too) in Jerusalem expressed real anger and racism against him.

Considering that many of the interviewees seem to be from the U.S. (based on the accent), are we to expect a condemnation from the Wiesenthal Center or ADL for the racial slurs made against our President and Black people?

It is puzzling to me why would so many young Israelis hate President Obama so much. All that he is advocating is an independent Palestine and peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

Is peace so scary?

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Anonymous said...

Max Blumenthal writes: On the eve of President Barack Obama’s address to the Muslim world from Cairo, Egypt, I stepped out onto the streets of Jerusalem with my friend Joseph Dana to interview young Israelis and American Jews about their reaction to the speech. We encountered rowdy groups of beer sodden twenty-somethings, many from the United States, and all eager to vent their visceral, even violent hatred of Barack Obama and his policies towards Israel. Usually I offer a brief commentary on my video reports, but this one requires no comment at all. Quite simply, it contains some of the most shocking footage I have ever filmed. Watch it and see if you agree. (This video was removed from the Huffington Post on the grounds that it had “no news value” and “did not move the conversation forward.”)