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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Islam: Dispelling the myths

Great Falls, Montana
By ELIZABETH L. HARRISON Tribune Staff Writer • June 27, 2010

Part of Islamic teachings is mutual respect and acceptance, according to Hussam Ayloush, a speaker at the Islam in America symposium in Bozeman in February and a Muslim-American from Anaheim, Calif.

Some Muslims disagree with American policies, Ayloush said, but that doesn't mean they hate Americans. "There are lines by the thousands in Muslim countries for visas to come to America," he said. "People are proud to visit here. There's no shame — it's the opposite."

MSU Adjunct Professor Thomas Goltz has spent years traveling in Muslim countries. "I have never, not once, felt uncomfortable going around the Muslim world because they were Muslim," he said.

Professor of Islamic Civilization Mehrdad Kia said the Muslims on campus at the University of Montana have been nothing but grateful to America.

"One thing I can generalize is overwhelmingly they love this town and this university," he said. "This is the means through which they start a new life in their country."

...Ayloush explained that al-Qaida is so unwanted in Muslim countries the terrorist organization must hide. "Eight out of 10 victims (of al-Qaida) are Muslim," he said. "Every political leader has spoken out against (them)."...

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SJ said...

ROFL. You lie. XD You forget to say that terrorists againt Israel aren't perceived negatively in the Islamic world. XD Just the opposite. XD Epic fail.

Oh, and if you don't have the guts to publish my comment I got my own blog. XD You did post my comment before I give you cred for that.