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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Jon Stewart exposes and ridicules growing Islamophobia on FOX News

Watch this smart and funny challenge to Islamophobia in media, and Fox in particular.

Of course, Stewart could not address Islamophobia without bringing up such Islamophobes as Pipes, Emerson, Spencer, and Beck.

Jon Stewart is the king of political commentary that is relevant and intelligent.

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Guy DeWhitney: Heretic Crusader said...

1. I agree that the furor over Bolden's sop to al-Jazeera is silly... I am also aware that the outreach he is sepaking of is about finding ways the Muslim natins can contribute to the space effort... the problem is that there is very little any Muslim nation has to offer NASA in the way of scientific or engineering expertise; other than land for deep space tracking antennas.
1. Much of the furor about Mosques proliferating comes from the fact that most of the financing for said Mosques is foreign; chiefly Saudi and Wahabi money.
If the Mosques all had transparent financing from LOCAL MUSLIMS there would be little furor, except from truly Islamophobic folks.
What Muslims in America and the West in general need to understand is that it has not, is not and never will be an insult or form of discrimination to treat Muslims EXCACTLY as we treat all other religions; with the respect they earn day to day in the public arena.
Do all American and Westerners rise to the occasion and apply all laws and their own actions evenly? No, no but Western Civilization is partly defined against the background of "World Civilization" by its steadly progress toward that goal... the same goal that Martin Luther King Jr. proposed in his famous speech.
It hardly serves the purpose of harmony and "peace" when you complain about someone else having bias then demonstrate your own, as you have done in your choice of clips here... I thought that religiously associated groups were supposed to aim for a high moral tone, not one of a mocking clown backing partisan causes.

Hussam Ayloush said...


I am an aerospace engineer and I can tell you that cooperation among nations and countries can happen in many more ways than just mutual equal technical benefits. NASA has been used over the past decades to promote peace, technology, cooperation, and friendship with over 100 countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Philippines, Mongolia, Bolivia, Columbia, ... and many not-so-advanced countries. There is no doubt, we are the most advanced country in the world when it comes to space technology. However, that did not and should not stop us from collaborating and cooperating with other countries around the world.

Hussam Ayloush said...


You clearly know very little about mosques in America and you seem to believe a myth that is out there.

The overwhelming majority of mosques in America are fully funded by the local Muslim community that uses the facility.

The few that might have received some support from other sources are usually from visiting foreign students and their families overseas. The only exception that comes to my mind is the DC mosque used by diplomats and funded by many foreign countries and one in Culver City that was funded by the late Saudi King (and both mosques are known to be very apolitical). A handful of mosques don't compare to the over 2,000 mosques in America.

Mosques are like churches, a place for people to worship, pray, meet, learn, and spiritually grow. I invite you to visit your local mosque and see for yourself.

I will be more than glad to help arrange for that.

As for Jon Stewart, you have to watch it with the understanding that sarcasm is his style. He intelligently tackles serious issues by poking fun at them and the people involved. He is a fair man who shows his respect for all people.