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Hussam has been a lifelong human rights activist who is passionate about promoting democratic societies, in the US and worldwide, in which all people, including immigrants, workers, minorities, and the poor enjoy freedom, justice, economic justice, respect, and equality. Mr. Ayloush frequently lectures on Islam, media relations, civil rights, hate crimes and international affairs. He has consistently appeared in local, national, and international media. Full biography at: http://hussamayloush.blogspot.com/2006/08/biography-of-hussam-ayloush.html

Monday, July 19, 2010

Position/statement on Immigration Reform

Statement by Hussam Ayloush, Executive Director of the Council on American–Islamic Relations, Greater Los Angeles Area. Ayloush also serves on the national board of the Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ).

Islam promotes social justice, equality and the rights of workers. The Prophet Muhammad preached that no one is a true believer until they love for others what they love for themselves.

Given that our religious beliefs exhort us to help reduce the suffering of others, American Muslims support the call for comprehensive immigration reform that would, among other things, create a path to citizenship for immigrants earned through working, paying taxes and learning English; keep families intact; regulate wages and working conditions to protect workers from being exploited; and create measures that safeguard the labor rights of both immigrant and non-immigrant workers.

We have a broken immigration system: the fact that there are an estimated 11-12 million undocumented workers currently residing in the United States, reflects that reality. Providing people who are not engaged in criminal activity a chance to correct their status and live with dignity and respect is a first step in fixing our broken system. The last thing we need in America is to have over 12 million undocumented people living on the margins and being exposed to abuse, whether it is economic abuse, sexual exploitation or domestic violence. Our strength as a nation is derived from our compassion toward our most vulnerable members.


July 29 - August 1 is National Weekend of Prayer & Action for Immigrant Justice

Visit www.iwj.org to learn what you can be part of the struggle for justice immigrants.

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