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Monday, October 27, 2008

Kahanist Joe Kaufman wants to set the record straight

In response to a blog post that I wrote in Septemeber, anti-Muslim bigot Joe Kaufman sent me a response. The blog post he is replying to is:

Kahanist Joe Kaufman Slimes Muslim Kids

In his message, Kaufman asserts:
"This article is a lie. I have never been a follower of Meir Kahane. I had a link on my old personal political site to kahane.org a long time ago. I pulled down the link and issued a statement on the site apologizing for having the link there. I also wrote an article about Kahane's death. That's it..."

That's it?? Kaufman writes an article praising extremist Rabbi Meir Kahane and his anti-Arab racism, and all he can say is "that's it"? What's more to do short of joining his Jewish Defense League (designated as a terrorist group by the US) or his Kach Party in Israel (even Israel banned it and labeled it an anti-Arab racist party) and participate in its terrorist activities in person?

I am sorry Mr. Kaufman, praising racist Kahane in an article and providing a direct link to his website grants you the title of a Kahanist. Hey, don't blame me for it. The Italian proverb says:

"Those who sleep with dogs will rise with fleas."

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